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The story of
New Story

The story of
New Story

In a way, the story of Josha Daniel resembles our story and that of all clients we help grow. Whether you are a young musician, a small business owner, or a large corporate - we all have to change continuously to stay relevant. In business, there is no finishline.

The story of New Story began 25 years ago, as Aan Zee. Why we decided to change our name, is a story in its own. One that comes straight from the heart. As a digitally driven and creative agency, there's nothing we love doing more than designing beautiful things that propel brands forward.

To capture people’s hearts and minds, we believe the user experience of every brand is essential. The sum of all encounters tells the true brand story. And to align all efforts involved, a lot comes into play.

A great story needs a campfire

A strong brand requires a strong organization. Designing a compelling story is complex. Insights, systems, cloud services, data streams, marketing channels, processes, hardware, required expertise, legislation - you name it - they are all intertwined and subject to continuous transformation

A great story needs a campfire: connecting technology. When designed intelligently, your organization will be agile to change. New Story is a digitally driven agency. We promise to keep your fire burning with innovative solutions and services.

The other side to our story

Technology is not a goal in itself, it is a means for you to progress. Be prudent. To catch up in the digital transformation rat race, too many organizations start patching all sorts of point solutions together - without giving it too much thought. Before you know it, you get lost in a demanding jungle of technology.

Never forget the purpose of technology: growing sustainable success; improving lives, capturing hearts and minds, telling your brand story. This is what drives us to design beautiful experiences that people love.

Design. Develop. Grow.

We need you, so we can deliver on our promise. In 2012, we were the first Dutch agency to employ the concept of co-creation as our leading design principle. Together, we create the sum of experiences that make the difference between good and great. When we continue to design and develop your story together, growth is the logical outcome.

Eager to learn more?

Let's meet up. Or scroll down for the most asked questions:

What services does New Story offer?

New Story is a full-service agency. You name it, we offer it. Almost all products and services we provide are developed in-house. And if we can’t, you can count on us to connect you with the expert that suits your needs.

Who does New Story want to work for?

We have a split personality. On the one hand we continuously optimize the services of larger organizations. On the other, as most efforts are technical in nature, we enjoy working with smaller companies who more often look for strategic and creative solutions. We need a diverse client portfolio to energize our multidisciplinary talent pool.

How do we start working together?

Let’s talk and make an appointment. No strings attached. Our aim is to learn everything there is to know about your organization and your ambitions. If you’re willing to invest a few hours of your time, then so are we.

Other questions? Contact us.