There's a map for that

Mapping drives your agility

To maintain relevance these days, you have to organize agility. Learning and optimizing has to be part of your daily routine. You constantly need to explore and improve your service from all angles. At the end of the day, it's the sum of details that makes the difference between good and great.


Collaborate to accelerate

Speed of innovation - and a short time to market - are more important than ever. In an ever-transforming world, you continuously want to align strategy, creativity, development and marketing technology. This multidisciplinary approach is pivotal to our way of thinking and working. Relevant insights should be accessible - on-demand to all partners involved - and be subject to scrutiny all the time. This is when our process of mapping comes at hand.

Defining mapping

Mapping refers to the outcome of a co-creative workshop: a poster displaying the key insights. It’s an agile alternative to conventional extensive reporting. In times of transformation, ask yourself how to gain and embed new insights within your organization. How do you make these accessible to relevant stakeholders? How do you update and share a revised report? That’s when mapping comes at hand.

Strategy is alive

Strategy points out where you are heading. And on what premise. When you look to improve your entire service, realize how many departments, roles, systems, tools, and processes and partners have to be aligned. Every day. As a consequence, we don't see strategy as an outcome, but as a process that never stops.

Sum of micro strategies

There is no single ultimate strategy. The modern strategy enables agility. It consists of many micro strategies that interact as a whole. Predominantly driven by digitization these micro strategies change course and affect one another. That's why we have translated them into maps. This allows you to isolate the insights and update those that deem necessary.

Sharing knowledge made easy

Maps are products of high involvement. Contributors are invested and able to pass on the elaborate context in team meetings. Maps have operational value. By updating and sharing them regularly with relevant stakeholders, you will empower hearts and minds throughout the organization. Welcoming new people to the workforce? They will be up and running in no time.

Contribution made simple

When mapping out a service, multidisciplinary participation is essential to reach a collaborative focus. That's why we’ve stripped down our workshops from expert jargon. Anyone, any partner must be able to join in and contribute.

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