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Progress is a game of inches. In an ever-changing landscape there will always be many opportunities to improve. We have a product agnostic approach when it comes to designing and developing progress. Driven by strategy, data, and methodical collaboration, we focus on matters that help accelerate most.

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Platforms & Apps

Integrated human- centered solutions that connect people and grow communities as unified brand experiences.

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Growth Engineering

A technical and systematic approach to growth, constantly re-aligning, creativity, data and metrics.

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Digital Commerce

Low-code commerce solutions, driven by strategy, data, creativity, and agile growth engineering.

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Squad Building

Help build and educate your in-house digital team, enabling organizations to become self reliant.

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Websites, apps, webshops, digital ecosystems; we build them using custom, high, and low-code solutions.

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Digital Strategy

Target audiences, media channels, marketing tech, KPI's, analytics: we translate insights into actions.

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Digital commerce solutions at New Story with a screen capture of a webshop basket.

Online Marketing

Inbound marketing, outbound marketing, affiliate marketing, content marketing; we grow traffic and grow your brand.

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Brand Design

Identity design, style maps, design systems, marketing campaigns; we make your brand relevant and radiant.

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