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Digital Commerce

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We help your business grow digitally. While many people will refer to our craft as eCommerce, we rather define it as Digital Commerce which enables customers to buy products and services through a highly-automated self-service experience.

Holistic approach

Our approach to digital commerce is device agnostic. It preferably contains all technologies and processes to integrate content, business rules, data analytics, promotion, pricing models, customer engagement and attraction; including an enjoyable branded experience at all touch points throughout the buyer journey. Our angle to your commerce is continuously fueled by data and customer feedback, allowing us to follow an agile path of growth.

Customer Lifetime Value

To us eCommerce is transactional. Success is measured by high revenue versus low inventory costs. With Digital Commerce we're not merely focused on the transaction, we also aim to engage with customers and build lasting relationships. Ultimately this results in an increased Customer Lifetime Value, lowering your marketing costs in the process.

Building a business case

With Digital Commerce as a vision, we grow your online business strategically and incrementally. Our approach enables you to establish a data lake, allowing us to optimize processes, online revenue, as well as our partnership. What starts with designing and configuring a solution like Shopify, ideally grows into a fully automated and scalable digital ecosystem, supported by automated tools that manage the entire scope; from inventory movement to customer satisfaction.

We help (i.a.)

  • boost user experience
  • create loyal customers
  • grow brand visibility
  • increase brand legitimacy
  • generate more sales
  • create seamless processes
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